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About our Race Director

Chris Carney is a Marine retired from active duty. He now focuses his energy on running, college and real estate. At 52 years old he feels he is just getting started as a runner and looks forward to many years of participation within the running community. Chris is involved with a number of south east Idaho races, both road and trail. As Race Director for The Idaho Falls Marathon or a board member for Palisades Ultra Trail Series, his primary concern is to the runners and improving their experience while racing. As a seasoned runner Chris has a solid base of experience to draw from which benefits those he runs with. Whether it’s a social run, and adventure run, a local 5 or 10k, completing any number of marathons, or picking up the challenge of another 100 miler. Chris says, “Just F’n Run!”

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27 nov. 2023

This is awesome! Mission43 ( is an Idaho veterans organization and we would love to sponsor/take part in this great veteran-owned event in 2024! Please contact us at

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